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Cover and Title Reveal

Coming to Amazon this December . . .

America is not so invincible as we've been led to believe. After nuclear attacks, thousands of survivors are forced to flee the country. The Smith family soon find themselves living in a camp in Mexico, crammed into rows upon rows of tents with other American refugees. Their unspeakable choices keep them alive. They have no option but to go through their new life with perseverance and whatever hope they can piece together.

So much nervous energy and excitement is wriggling behind this book. I can't wait to get it out, yet I'm also terrified. If you know of anyone with a blog or paper, or any media outlet who might be interested in this topic, please send them to my website. I'd love to connect with them! I believe in the importance of this book and its message. In the next month I hope to share more nuggets about my process in creating this world and writing about it.

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