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#amediting my novel and my heart

Can I share something that humbled me and set me straight today?

This post from @malinda.fuller

"Many people believe that if you want something bad enough, then it is the justification for doing 'whatever it takes' to achieve it. The sprint toward the goal is worth it because we have been led to believe that it’s the only way, or that we have to 'jump on it' now. But I disagree

When I open my Bible and read the Gospels I see a very different story. Jesus had dreams and goals. He wanted nothing more than for sick people to be healed, the hurting to be whole, the religious to be silent, and the lonely to feel known. Jesus desired to get rid of fear and disease, oppression, paradigms and systems that sought to enslave people; He came to set people free. Yet He didn’t crawl to the front of the temple every Sabbath demanding for His voice to be heard, ensuring everyone that it was His gift, His purpose, His right to preach and teach. He didn’t position himself to gain endorsement from prominent leaders. More often Jesus withdrew. He told others to stay silent. He walked with a small band of followers instead of trying amass them by the millions. 'Chase your dream now,' and 'if you want it, then make it happen' are not words Jesus lived by— He could have, but He didn’t

If we are following Jesus— listening intently for His voice above every other, I think we would more often hear him say, 'follow me, and I’ll take care of the rest.' This is the path of obedience. Walking in step with Him. Not expecting Him to move because we wake up with a dream. Not demanding Him to grant us favor just because The Hustlers taunt us with 'do it now.' Not justifying our actions because we believe it’s the only way

Hustle promises, 'this is the only way.' Obedience asks, 'is it?'"

This is so relevant to social media today, and so spot on. It helped realign my focus. I'm not in this for the numbers or fans. I'm deep in this novel because God called me to do it. I've said from the beginning that if only ten people buy my book, then those are the people who needed to read it. I don't want to lose sight of that.

I'm deep into editing my novel, trying to get everything just right. The other day, while my poor, sweet husband was dying (ok, thankfully not literally but you try telling him that. It was really bad.) of a migraine, I nailed down the climax. THE climax.

I went to college for writing, I've read a lo-ot of articles and blogs about writing the climax, but it has never been a strength of mine. Which is really weird, and unfortunate because that is the crux of the story, often the raison d'etre of the novel!

As with all other parts of this novel, the climax came together as though of its own accord. As with all other parts of this story, it hit me, not like lightning, but more like a sweet, warm sunbeam. I can't wait for you all to read it!!

In this editing phase I am reading the novel out loud (sometimes to my husband, but I have a deadline to meet and he works a full-time job. . .). It's amazing how reading your own story out loud reveals things that need to be changed, awkward dialog, repeated words. It's so helpful.

Also, the other day, I met with a friend who's really excited about my book and we came up with a grand plan together that I'm so excited about! We'll be working on a big project in the upcoming weeks, so come on back to find out what it is! God is providing all the right people and resources to make this book launch great!

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