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With Refugees

November is here, and already feels like it's almost gone! What happened to you, 2018?

For me, this month has been full of editing and formatting my novel! I'm getting down to the finishing touches, which is crazy. Yesterday was rough, I realized I have to format for my ebook and my paperback (duh! and yes, it will be available in both forms). So time consuming. I'm so thankful I realized that now, instead of two weeks from now.

This month, I'm also highlighting a different organization every week that supports refugees and/or sells products made by refugees. It's been so fun to partner with these groups and learn more about what they do. They've been so generous in partnering with me! So, when I launch my book in December, I will host a couple of different giveaways with their products, and my book! I love giveaways, it will be a great time. Just be sure to follow me on Instagram @emwriting_ and facebook:

Let's talk about Thanksgiving real quick. It's my husband's favorite holiday. No presents (he hates presents. . . ), good food, and good time with family and friends. What's not to like? Other than it's getting swallowed up by Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but I do not love the commercialism that's taken over Christmas. Every year we host Thanksgiving at the camp we work at. It's so fun, and a beautiful setting. We stay up on the mountain and play together, and forget that a thing like Black Friday exists.

On that note, part of my plan in featuring non-profits is to promote the Advent Conspiracy. As we go into the holiday season, let's challenge ourselves to spend less money, and give more time to family and friends, and to those who may not have the luxury of a cheery holiday. Normally, we make all our gifts for Christmas, but this year we might buy all our gifts from refugee businesses. Let's give more money away, more praise to God, and focus more on the mystery and miracle of the season.

On Thanksgiving I'll be highlighting my favorite non-profits on my social media. They are in the trenches with refugees, in war-torn countries, helping displaced people rebuild their lives. They're the first to arrive and the last to leave. With all they do, they took the time to respond to my questions and to partner in my little enterprise here. Look forward to "meeting" them if you haven't already!

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