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Giving Tuesday!

Hey Friends!

In honor of Giving Tuesday I have a special announcement! If you haven't heard already, I will be giving 30% of each book sold to refugees. It will be a great way to give back during the holidays, and still give a great gift!

I plan to give to the Preemptive Love Coalition as they work to get Syrians back home! Check out what they're up to on their website: I love this organization, I believe in what they do, and they're very honest about how much of the money donated goes to overhead.

I'll also be giving some to my friend, Bethany as she continues to work with displaced people in northern France.

The book is coming along! I intend to put the finishing touches on it this week and get it launched by mid-December. Around the launch date I will be doing a few giveaways on Instagram and Facebook with items from Preemptive Love, and other non-profits that work with refugees, along with copies of my book. So check in with me for those! I'm so excited, I love a good giveaway!!

Happy Tuesday, friends. Give well!

Giving Tuesday Opportunities

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