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Choose Joy

Find joy in your work

Let's face it: I'm terrible at blogging. This was never a thing I really wanted to do, but it seems to come with the territory of being an author with an online presence. I never know what to write about, or if there will be any interest in what I write. So, I've decided to change it up a little, though not much will actually change except my own mentality about the blog.

Instead of pressuring myself to write something as often as I find time and inspiration to, I'm simply going to write a monthly newsletter of sorts. These will include updates on my book and my writing process, as well as whatever else comes into my heart, see example below. . . Thanks for being a faithful follower!

A few things have happened for No Way but Through in the past month and a half.

First, I have a book event in Redmond, Oregon at Herringbone Bookstore on June 28th! If you're in the area (or even if you're not) please come by! It will start at 6:00 PM, and will include a little reading of the book and Q&A.

In other exciting news, No Way but Through should be popping up in bookstores soon! The Book Bin, in Corvallis and Salem, will be carrying my book, as well as the aforementioned Herringbone Bookstore. This is a crazy, unreal dream come true! It's taken a lot for this introvert to go to bookstores and sell my own book, but it will be so worth it.

I've also started in on a sequel for No Way but Through! The plot and characters are so exciting but the process will take much longer than the last book, I'm predicting. Mostly because. . . summer is coming.

It's already May (!) and I've been distracted from my writing by the upcoming camp season. With more responsibility than ever in running the store/coffee shop at camp, and the craft shop, I've had a lot to do! Camp is a very different passion of mine, but on par with writing. Summers are always very, very busy and equal parts draining and life-giving. I've been ordering merchandise and craft supplies, and even helped hire my own assistant! I always look forward to meeting new young adults whom I can come alongside. Best part of the job.

There's nothing like using the gifts and passions God has given us. Isn't it amazing that we can find JOY in our work? We're not just drones fulfilling tasks that help the world run, we're living beings wired to put all our hearts and minds into the things we do.

Don't get me wrong, I've had my share of jobs I didn't care for. By no means do I think I have arrived, but I know I'm excessively blessed to be able to have the life I live now. The truth is, I needed all those little jobs to build me up and prepare me for what I'm doing today.

My current situation takes a lot of hard work and A LOT of self-discipline. All the jobs and experiences I've struggled through prepared me to do what I thrive in now.

If you're "stuck" in a "dead-end job" know that your attitude will make all the difference. Approach each day embracing the fact that you're learning and growing, and know that all the customer service or dish washing is preparing you for something amazing. You just have to keep working at it and hold tight to your visions and goals. Dream dreams. In the meantime, you can shine light in your workplace now. YOU can shift the whole atmosphere and the attitudes of those around you by your own attitude.

The internet is full of cheeky sayings and platitudes to inspire, and honestly I roll my eyes at most of them. Not everyone is meant to be a huge influencer or achieve glamorous goals, but everyone should find some joy in the work they put their hands to.

In your life, where do you find joy, even now?


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