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Enneagram Typing Your Favorite Characters

Happy Nanowrimo! I love November for the chance to make real headway on my writing project. This year I haven't been able to get into a good rhythm of writing, until now! November is great for setting a pace and blowing through a couple thousand words a day. It's helped me to take this writing seriously and remember it's not only a compulsion and passion, but it's my job! I'm so grateful to be able to focus on writing as a career. I just hope I get better at it as the years roll on.

Don't take me wrong, I don't blow through thousands of words every day. Some days I'm lucky to get 500 words, even if I'm at my computer for hours. But other days make up for it when the words just come. I love those days.

I think I mentioned in my last blog that I've assigned enneagram numbers to each of my characters. Any enneagram geeks out there? I am, and I'm a type two, wing three. I think. Sometimes I can have type one tendencies as well. Learning which enneagram type my characters are has really helped me in writing their thought processes and reactions. Do you want to know who is what?! This list won't make a lot of sense unless you have read No Way but Through. If you haven't, go buy it now, then you can join in the fun! And remember, 30% of each book sold goes to support refugees.

Enneagram types in No Way but Through:

Emma - Type 1

Core Longing: to hear "You are good."

Core Desire: Having integrity, being good, balanced, accurate, virtuous, and right.

Core Fear: Being wrong, bad, evil, inappropriate, unredeemable, or corruptible.

Type ones live by a moral code and struggle with a constant inner critic. They are generally very particular and exact. Emma has her own set of moral codes she lives by.

In the sequel, I will explore what happens to Emma (a type 1) after her goodness is compromised. She gave in to her biggest fear, maybe in her eyes, became her biggest fear. How does she change? How does she remain true to herself?

Jack - Type 3

Core Longing: to hear "You are valued and loved for simply being yourself."

Core Desire: Having high status, and respect; being admired, successful, and valuable.

Core Fear: Being exposed or labeled as incompetent, inefficient, or worthless; failing to be or appear successful

Type threes are achievers. They want to be the best at whatever they think is important. The "stars" of human nature, people look up to them for their graciousness and personal accomplishments. They enjoy motivating others to achieve more than they thought possible. Jack climbed the ladder quickly in his job. He's a man of action, not emotion.

In the sequel, I'll explore how Jack reacts to his complete change in situation. How will he get his feet back under him?

Aaron - Type 2 (We love Aaron!!)

Core Longing: You are wanted and loved for just being you

Core Desire: Being appreciated, loved, and wanted.

Core Fears: Being rejected and unwanted; being labeled as worthless, needy, inconsequential, dispensable or unworthy of love

Type twos are helpers. They give of themselves (often to an unhealthy point) out of a desire to feel needed and wanted. Aaron's heart toward people is beautiful and a healthy two gives selflessly while still finding ways to fill themselves.

Matt - Type 5 (Matt is actually my favorite, and my husband is a type 5. . . coincidence?)

Core Longing: Your needs are not a problem

Core Desire: Being capable and competent

Core Fears: Being invaded or depleted of energy; being thought of as incapable or ignorant; being assigned unwanted obligations.

Type fives are inquisitive and intelligent. They have a deep and vast thought life. They're insatiable learners. They're very observant and usually quiet in large groups of people, because they're watching everything.

Matt is fairly detached emotionally, which is typical of a five, but he takes on some burdens for his family. In the sequel, we'll see how these burdens affect him.

Carol - Type 6

Core Longing: to hear "You are safe" (poor Carol. . . )

Core Desire: Having security, guidance, and support (poor, poor Carol. . . )

Core Fears: Feeling fear itself, being without support, security, or guidance; being blamed, targeted, alone, or physically abandoned (OH Carol. . . no wonder she went into shock.)

Type sixes are beautiful people. They are fiercely loyal and "will go down with the ship" before ever abandoning their people. Sixes often come to believe that they don't possess the necessary resources to handle life's challenges alone. They have a whole committee of criticism in their mind all the time.

In the sequel, we'll see if Carol heads down a healthy six path, or continues to deteriorate.

Joe - Type 3 also

Joe is also a successful business and family man. In the sequel, we will see how he works to get his family back together.

I've spent considerable time piecing these together, but if you're an enneagram expert and have other ideas about these characters' personalities, please let me know! I had a hard time with Joe. . . We'll have a little conversation going on Instagram @emwriting_. You can also find me on Facebook. I geek out over this stuff, and I love getting to know my characters' core motivations better.

Enneagram information was taken from @yourenneagramcoach


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