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Reedsy Discovery Win

Upvote my book!

Hey friends!

Exciting news! I submitted my book to be reviewed on Reedsy Discovery which is an amazing online resource for Indie authors! They have professional editors and graphic designers you can hire, and their review program is pretty new, and I'm already loving it. When you submit a book their reviewers can pick the books that interest them, and they promise to give a 100% honest review.

It was risky and scary to put my book out there, but so worth it! Especially since I got a 4 star review! According to their system, 4 and 5 star books perform well and get a lot of exposure. Most online platforms these days have a purely electronic algorithm, but Reedsy boasts a human curated as well as an electronically curated algorithm. The reviewers are real people who give their honest opinions, then once a review is posted on Reedsy's site, people can go in and upvote books. The higher number of upvotes a book has, the higher it places in the algorithm. It's a cool system and I'm excited to see where it takes No Way but Through!

Your support has always meant the world to me and I would love it if you went on Reedsy, here

to upvote my book!

I may have mentioned this before, but I have also sent my book out to over 20 different book reviewers, mostly found on Instagram, and those reviews will start being posted soon as my new friends have time to sit and read No Way but Through. I'm so looking forward to/nervous about hearing their true thoughts on the book. This whole journey has been a practice in humility. Genuinely wanting to be excited about this accomplishment, but also knowing that this project is so much bigger than me, it's not about me. It's taken a village to raise this baby up.

This perspective helps me to hold it more loosely as I await the words of strangers who are giving the book a chance. Nothing we achieve is about us, or for us, it's all for the glory of God and the edification of our neighbors, nationally and globally. Thank you for your support!! The money you used to purchase No Way but Through IS going to help change the lives of displaced people. How amazing is that?! For more information on that see my previous blog post.


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