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America is not as invincible as we've been led to believe. After Russia attacks with nuclear weapons, and takes over America's oil industry, thousands of people are forced to flee for their lives. 

The Smith family find themselves living as refugees in a camp in Mexico, along with thousands of other survivors. Their unspeakable choices keep them alive and together. How would you react to being forced out of your own country?


"You will enjoy this book because Emily is a great writer with a captivating voice. But what will have you dwelling on it days after you finish is how she postures our attention to an ignored group of people who desperately need it.“ - Carly Cross

"What would have been a daunting -- nearly impossible task -- came bursting from Emily's heart. I appreciate her attention to detail and extensive research to do it justice." - Bethany Cetti

"No Way But Through, the author’s debut novel, immediately captures readers’ hearts as a deeply personal and heart-wrenching tale. The plot is fast paced and captivating. This story turns the refugee narrative on its head and is a must-read in today’s political climate. 


Personal, Heart-wrenching, Important."

- Sarah Prink

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