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World Refugee Day

It's World Refugee Day. I found this interesting article on the reality and tragedy of what's been going on this year for refugees:

It's fascinating and eye-opening. There are 68 million refugees in the world today, and yet in America our intake of refugees is way down. I don't know much about our politics, but I understand being a human, having a heart, treating people as precious people.

I also understand this country's history. Our historical acceptance of immigrants was really one of the only things we had going for us. Sorry natives of this land, we're going to just take whatever we want from you and treat you like dirt. Sorry Africans and African-Americans, we're going to force you into slavery and continue to treat you as lesser than human for far, far too long. Sorry Mexicans, we're going to not only close off our resources, but also separate you from your children.

What?! Because . . . Why?

I AM so, so sorry.

I'm currently living in the polarity of the joy and energy of summer camp coupled with the heavy, however limited, knowledge of those poor kids who are being torn from their families. Not to mention the constant weight on my heart of this global refugee crisis.

What if my novel were to come true, heaven forbid. Would Mexico accept American refugees? Probably. I'd like to think they're a compassionate and hospitable people. But in light of our recent history they would have every right to turn us away. To close their borders to us.

We're all humans on this planet of turmoil. What do we have if we don't have each other? I love the statistics at the bottom of the article above that shows Americans' increased giving to and volunteering with refugees in the past two years. We are better than what our government represents. We are standing with you. We may not always know what to do, but we're trying.

If you want to give to a good organization that's on the ground in Syria and other places, providing food, medical help, and so many other resources please visit

Special announcement about my novel: 50% of the profits I make off the novel will go straight to assisting refugees!!

Look out for my release date soon!

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