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Let Go and Be Free: Corona Edition

Husband and me

Hi friends, I hope you all are fairing well in these unpredictable times. My husband and I have quarantined ourselves on the mountain, and we don't plan to go down anytime soon. (Okay, that's a picture of us on the beach, but a picture of us at home would be boring!) This is not out of fear, but out of respect for the well being of others. Also, with my health history, I don't really want to tempt the fate of my immunity.

Even up at home, we're staying very busy. I have no time for a "quarantine bucket list" as my life looks much the same, minus long drives into town. As a maintenance coordinator at a camp, my husband is still working full time, and since we're shut down for the next month, he's able to get even more work done!

I've had a very scattered season for a myriad of reasons, during which I haven't been very productive, and I'm hoping to use this as an excuse to nail down a schedule of writing and editing, and stick to it!

My heart is heavy for all that is going on in the world. Just because the United States is in "crisis" doesn't mean that's the only thing we should all selfishly turn our eyes inward. Sometimes, what's best in these circumstances, is to focus our thoughts away from ourselves. It helps fight off the demons.

I found this article on how the corona virus is effecting refugees around the world VERY interesting. Imagine living with these circumstances in a different country, in a tiny home stacked together with many other homes, or huddled in a tent or displacement center. Let's not forget to put ourselves in their shoes.

While you may not be able to help refugees at this time (though Preemptive Love is always receiving donations, they're always helping and sending aid) you can look around and see what needs are in your own neighbor hood.

With schools closed, many kids aren't getting three square meals a day. For too many kids, school is a refuge from a tough home life. What can you safely do for the kids in your community?

Many are out of work right now and will have a hard time paying the bills. Do you have a little extra you can share with those in your community living paycheck to paycheck?

I know this is everywhere on social media, but I'll reinforce it, there are countless ways to stay connected thanks to technology. Loneliness can be curbed with a phone call. Groups can still meet through a video chat. Get creative!

Nothing bares our own weakness and helplessness like a crisis. The corona virus is something none of us saw coming, and we have very little control over its effects and its reach. This should not instill more fear into us, though. We have a God who is in control. To me, that's such a relief. I can't do anything, except stay home, wash my hands, extend love where I can, etc, but I can live a life surrendered to God. I didn't mean to get preachy, but this is the truth, and you may need to hear it now more than ever. God longs to be in a relationship with each of us. He went to unbelievable lengths to offer that relationship. All we have to do is accept the free gift of abundant life.

Life with Jesus IS abundant and full of joy. Don't misunderstand me, I've lived through suffering and hardship, but when the light of Jesus is my focus, I find freedom from my fears, uncertainty, my suffering and pain. Things aren't necessarily easier, but life is suddenly full of inexplicable peace, joy, love, and abundance. I believe in a previous blog I shared that my words for the year are "abundantly more," and that is something I am still seeking, still living into, and God does not disappoint when we first seek His Kingdom. God knows what you need. Let go and be free.


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